DGIAT|Winning the New Technology and Products Achievement Award from 2017 WIOT

The 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition(WIOT) was held in WuXi from Sept 9 to Sept 10, which was the highest level national exposition in the IoT field of China.

As reported, there were more than 500 companies and organizations from over 20 countries and districts attended to this event.Themed "IoT creates a new future", the expo consisted a main conference, 10 sub-forums, an exhibition of IoT applications and products, the third IEEE International Smart Cities Conference and six related events. A range of topics, such as smart manufacturing, smart environmental protection, smart healthcare, information security, big data and finance were discussed and exchanged ideas by experts, goverment officials and business leaders.

We were hornored to be invited to attend the IoT New Technology and Products Press Conference? held on Sept 10, which published and presented the awards.?As being told, the review activity started? projects' collection on May, the applications were over 1000 pieces, many of them are from leading companies, like HUAWEI, GAODE and Suning etc.?After two rounds of siftings, there are 72 winners.Outstanding corporations, like China Mobile, China unicom, Ericsson were in the presenting list. And DGIAT's(Dongguan Institute of Advanced Technology) project, the?Wide Area IoT Communication Technology based on Tethered Aerostat Platform won the 2017 IoT New Technology and Products achievements Award, which was a huge encourage to the R&D team of DGIAT.

Based on tethered aerostat platform, the IoT wireless communication technology can make use of ground sensing internet to collect data and then send them back to the data proccessing center by wireless transmission system. The main contents include the research of wireless commucation in long-distance technology with low dissipation as well as the technology of?long-distance centralized network.

Achieving to extend the transmission distance from a few kilometers to more than ten kilometers, our project has broke through the traditional wireless communication of IoT, which maximum transmission distance is only a few hundred meters.In order to change the situation that takes months as a cycle to change batteries, we use wake-up radiotechnics to reduce the dissipation of RF front end.The air-to-ground wireless transimission system based on tethered aerostat platform is equiped with multiple sets of antenna, which can achieve omnidirectional coverage by using Beam Forming Technology, what's more, the internet coverage is over 2500 square kilometers.

These technological breakthroughs have greatly enhanced the communication and monitoring capabilities of CLOUD, the? space information platform, and escorted the management of intelligent city.



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